Monday, 29 August 2016

Bout of Books 17 Read-a-Thon. Wrap Up

Another Bout of Books comes to an end. And, sadly, the next one will only be in January. Why can't we have more Bout of Books? :´(  As usual, congratulations to the survivors! This week flew by and I tried to fit as much reading as possible - I can't believe I'm going to say this, but on Saturday and Sunday I felt tired of reading. Now, let's see if I met my goals.

My goals for Bout of Books 17 were:
  1. To read every day;
  2. To participate in two challenges;
  3. To write at least one blog post per day.
To read every day? Check. To participate in two challenges? Check. To write at least one blog per day? Check. I fulfilled all of my goals. *happy dance*

About my readings:
  • read two out of the physical four books I propose myself to read at the beginning of the Bout of Books 17. I also read For Darkness Shows the Stars (ebook) and started reading The Chaos of Stars, which I'm halfway through. 
  • The day I read more was August 23rd (Tuesday) and the day I read less was August 24th (Wednesday). On Sunday I read 228 pages and on Wednesday I read 150 pages
  • From August 22th to August 28th I read 1128 pages from four different books (three physical books and one ebook).
About the challenges:
Bout of Books 18 will be from January 2nd to January 8th. I'm hoping to participate and I'll try pay attention to the deadlines so that I can host a challenge. Now, it's time to say goodbye and I hope to see you all again in January.

Time for writing reviews! ;)