Review 5. Salem's Fury by Aaron Galvin

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Title: Salem's Fury [Sequel of Salem's Vengeance]
Author: Aaron Galvin 
Publisher: Createspace
Published: April 6th 2015
Pages: 248 pages

"Sarah Kelly fears a father’s sins are revisited upon the children. Her sister believes different. Adopted by the Miamiak and raised in the wilderness, Rebecca shares no such concerns. For her, memories of their early life and of Hecate’s attack remain dim. But history condemns those who neglect the past. When a war party brings news of a neighboring tribe attacked for harboring white folk, they demand the Miamiak aid in avenging their fallen brothers. With rumors the culprits were held in sway to a fearless witch on the rampage, Rebecca must decide whether to guard those she holds dear or seek vengeance upon a forgotten shade of Salem."


Fifteen years have passed since the night that changed the life of the Kelly children. For fifteen years they lived in peace, away from Salem - at least, physically as that night scared them for life. But their freedom was once again disturbed by Salem's Vengeance...

Aaron Galvin did it again! He created once again a dark world full of mysteries and twists with attention to the detail. The historical research is clearly present as it was in Salem's Vengeance, but this time it is given an inside look of the native-American communities. Once again, historical figures are mentioned which always brings authenticity to the story. It makes you wonder if the events in Salem's Fury haven't really happened...

I confess I wasn't fond of Rebecca in the first book. I know she was just a child, but she came across spoiled. Perhaps because the story was in Sarah's point-of-view... But in Salem's Fury, she grew from a spoiled child to a strong and independent woman. Her wild spirit and the love for the Miamiak made her such a great character. Who knew that little girl had such strength in her?

[Major SPOILERS ahead] First, do not get attached to any character. You never know who will die. Just do not get attached! Second, am I the only that did not want Sarah to die? Her soul was broken after murdering Hecate. She was left with both physical and psychological scars. She allowed her sorrow to ruin the life she still has left (it was really sad to see how her relationship with Priest was ruined; my romantic self had high hopes for them after Salem's Vengeance). I wish Sarah had had an opportunity to redeem herself and fight the demons from her past and be once again the girl she became in Salem's Vengeance.

Now, I can't wait for the final book. I must know more about Priest´s past - who is the child? Where is it? And I hope Andrew finds redemption (I felt really bad for him; I hope he can deal with his demons and survive - strong emphases in survive). 

I received this book from the author Aaron Galvin in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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