My Bookish Life. I'm Back! Did You Miss Me?

Sunday, 23 July 2017

I'm so sorry for not being around for such a long time. I promised myself I wouldn't let this blog be inactive ever again, but the last months of my master degree took all of my time - I had little to no free time. Even my Instagram account suffered from lack of photos because I could not find a moment to breathe. 

But great news: I finished my first year with flying colours (I'm happy to say that I'm proud of myself; it has been a long time I since I felt proud of my accomplishments). However, I've been freaking out lately because I can't decided a theme for a thesis. I'm an indecisive person by nature, and if I'm allowed to choose the world, I can't make up my mind. 🙈 I've been doing lists and more lists in hope I can find that one theme that I can compromise myself with, but it's being so freaking hard. Maybe this weekend after reading From Puritan to Postmodernism: A History of American Literature and another book related to American Literature I will have an idea. Fingers crossed? Or does anyone know a way to find a thesis theme? Any websites/book recommendations?

In other news, my @mybookishsecret t has grown a lot in the last months - even if in some months I didn't share no more than three photos. It is true that I still haven't broke the 2k followers barrier that I'm hoping for to do this year, but I've met wonderful people and became a rep for two companies. It has been more than a month since it happened and I'm still over the moon. I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVE BEEN CHOSEN!🙈

So, to which companies did I became a rep? Here it goes:
  • First, I became a Mini Backdrops rep (from July to September) and I couldn't be more exited. It was the first time I was chosen to be a rep for any company. I'm loving the opportunity to promote them, since their backdrops are made of vinyl and they look amazing on photos. If you would like to acquire one, you can use mbsecret for 15% off (you won't regret it).
  • Then I became a rep for Owlcrate through the month of July. I was trying to became a rep for them for such a long time. It has always been one of my favourite subscription boxes.  But if you use SECRET for 15% off on your first order, I may stay longer with Owlcrate. Just so you know, I'm on my knees begging you to use it! I truly am. 😛  
Also, in the last months, I found some new cute shops. I made my first order from Literary Emporium run by Rio (she is so kind and nice and lovely) and I got my first physical ARC from Illumicrate  - another amazing subscription box. I'm starting to sound like a shopaholic.

I confess I'd rather to share the books I read, but I haven't read that many - and lately it has been very difficult to read any book. And for that reason I must apologize to Blaze Publishing. I have been an awful rep, but hope I will be able to make up to you this Summer. Nevertheless, here it goes a very short list with some of my favourite readings since I took a forced break.
  • The Diviners, Libba Bay (this novel made me fall in love with the crazy 20s. One of the reasons why I'm thinking about writing my thesis on the Lost Generation; but then I don't think I can bring anything new to discussion). 
  • World After, Susan Ee (has she published any other series? Because I'm afraid of reading the last novel in this series and be left with no more books from Ee).
So, here it is a very brief sum up of the last three months in my life. What have you been up to? 🌝

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