Sunday Post. It's Cake Week

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviews.
How is everyone doing? How am I doing? I'm still stressed and there has been a lot of crying this week, but I'm trying not to give up everything. For that reason, I decided to cheer up myself and created Cake Week. I confess I quite enjoyed this themed week. I enjoyed it so much that I may do a few other themed weeks. 

What happened in my life this week:

πŸŽ‚ The video game gods sensed my mood this week and decided to release a few seconds of Spyro gameplay. That put a smile on my face. #releasethedragon
πŸŽ‚ Must stop picking 500 pages books. Since I'm such a slow reader, I feel like I'm not reading, and that's quite depressing.
πŸŽ‚ NetGalley feedback ratio is above eighty per cent for the first time in months. How did this happen? *happy dance*

  • I finally reviewed some ARCs! The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green and Deadly Sweet by Lola Dodge. The last review was part of Cake Week. Disclaimer: Do not read Deadly Sweet with an empty stomach. Delicious cake descriptions will make you crave for something sweet and leave you mouth-watering.
  • I joined the #CakeFlavouredBooks Tag. I'm quite proud of this post and I'm not usually proud of my posts. If you love cakes and book and haven't yet joined this tag, you should.


One of my resolutions for this year was to read books out of my comfort zone. So, this week I got All These Beautiful Strangers by Elizabeth Klehfot, about a girl that joins a secret society, and Tradition by Brendan Kiely, which talks about rape culture. Thank you NetGalley and Penguin Random House UK for accepting my review requests.

Happy week everyone!


  1. Congrats on the Netgalley ratio! And hope you have a great week ahead- happy reading!

  2. I really need to rise my NetGalley ratio. I've been really behind lately on reaching my Netgalley goals. I hope you feel better soon!

    Here’s my Sunday Post!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  3. I'm impressed by the Netgalley ratio - mine's horrific. All These Beautiful Strangers and Tradition look good to me.

  4. I cannot think of anything now but cake! LOL No, Seriously though congrats on 80% and above ratio. I approve arc requests on NetGalley for clients and its a big deal.

  5. Yay for being over 80% on Netgalley. I just got back to 80 for the first time in a while too and it's exciting!

  6. Cake really is the answer sometimes. =)
    My NG ratio is almost back to 80%. I have a ton of NG and EW books to review, but I am getting them. Congrats on getting over that mark. I really liked Tradition. I hope you like it too.

  7. Interesting choices. I read many genres but all fiction and for fun. I still learn things and process perspectives and emotions. I hope you find and enjoy some shorter books!

    I am meticulous about my NG ratio because I always want to be approved! So it's 93% even tho I have 15 things on my shelf. I've read about half of them and have the reviews written just waiting for closer to the release date. Anne - Books of My Heart

  8. Great job with the NetGalley rating. These are new to me. Hope you enjoy the suspense. Happy Reading!

  9. Yep.. I totally feel ya with too long books ! takes such a long time before you can actually see a dent in it ..
    Congrats on the 80% ratio !! woohoo !!

    I'll do the cake flavor book tag soon .. I actually didn't saved it and lost it xD Oops.

  10. That's awesome about Netgalley! We fluctuate so much around 80% but it seems we can never get it to stay. Most definitely doing the cake tag!

  11. Cake week sounds amazing! Oh and I LOVED Spyro, glad to see it's coming back!

  12. Sorry you’ve been stressed out. I hope the cake makes it better. Have a great week and enjoy your new books!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  13. I struggle with long books too. Anything over 400 pages, really. And it seems everything is at least that long nowadays. *sigh* But I just got my Netgalley ratio to 80% too! So yay us! lol

  14. Congrats on the Net Galley ratio. I've given up that platform.

  15. I am in SO much need for cake! Too bad my doctor advised me not to intake too much chocolate. :( Anyway, great news about the NG ratio! And Tradition looks really interesting. Happy reading!

    - Aimee @ Aimee, Always

  16. Congrats on the NG ratio! And I also saw the Spyro clip :) it was awesome.