8 January 2019

TTT. Can't Wait Books of 2019

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I know that I'm diverging from today's topic, but I decided to talk about all the 2019 releases I'm excited about. Well, not all of them because then this would be a never-ending-post. So, to keep it short, I decided only to mention books whose covers have already been announced (dear Juliet Marillier, I need to see the cover of The Harp of Kings) and books that aren't sequels to any on-going series (but companions novels are acceptable). Now, can we just have a long conversation about how 2019 will be the year of beautiful book covers?

The Cold is in Her Bones by Peternelle van Arsdale. I'm actually terrified of snakes, but I always make an exception for anything Medusa-related. Also, demons who possess girls and a cursed village is too tempting to resist.
Warrior of the Wild by Tricia Levenseller. A warrior girl, Norse mythology and a monster-infested wilderness. All the needed ingredients to write a perfect story.
Sherwood by Meagan Spooner. I loved Hunted (and every other book I've read so far written by Spooner), so I couldn't be more exited for her gender-flipped Robin Hood retelling.
Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson. A magical library with books that might transform into monsters of ink and leather? How can a book dragon not be excited about this novel?

The Waking Forest by Alyssa Wees. The eerie atmosphere gives me so many creepy vibes - there's a Witch and a throne carved of bone. Also, this a dark retelling of The Sleeping Beauty and I need more of those.
House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig. A retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses in which the princesses are haunted by a curse that leads to tragic deaths.Yep, another dark retelling.
Blood Heir by Amélie Wen Zhao. Another dark retelling (I get too excited about dark retellings). But this novel is a dark retelling of Anastasia in which Ana is a fugitive princess with the power to control blood.
Ship of Smoke and Steel by Django Wexler. This book caught my attention because of its cover art. Then, I found out it has a kick-ass female and mentions a ghost ship and I was sold.

Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. I confess I didn't enjoy Illuminae. However, it doesn't mean I'm not excited to read about a squad of misfits that will have to save the universe. 
The Storm Crow by Kalyn Josephson. Eragon is mentioned on the blurb and that is one of the books that made me the reader I'm today. Also, magical elemental crows. Crows are fantastical magical creatures.They deserve all the love.
Dark Shores by Danielle L. Jensen. Jensen is back with a new book series! She's back with pirates, a dangerous adventures and meddling gods. *happy dance*
When the Sky Fell on Splendor by Emily Henry. This novel is being compared to Stranger Things and it's one of my favourite series. Moreover, I adored The Love that Split the World and I can't wait to read more of Emily Henry.

The Candle and the Flame by Nafiza Azad. Everything about this novel screams spellbinding. Set in the Silk Road, this Asian-inspired fantasy novel features a feminist heroine and all the beauty of ancient cultures.  
Enchantée by Gita Trelease. The French Revolution and fantasy meet in this world created by Gita Trelease. I'm so excited to walk through of the doors of the whimsical, and now magical,  Palace of Versailles
The Winter of the Witch by Katherine Arden. I loved The Bear and the Nightingale. I loved The Girl at the Tower. Do I really need to explain why I can't wait to get my hands on this novel?
The Merciful Crow by Margaret Own. Crows are taking 2019 by storm. Crows, witches, mercy-killers and tons of magic. The world-building seems so fascinating and marvellous.

Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim. The cover is so freaking gorgeous! This novel seems to have everything I ever wanted in a book: a girl disguised as a boy, forbidden romance, epic adventures and it also features Asian mythology.
The Cerulean by Amy Ewing. This one seems so intriguing. I mean, a Sapphic utopia where all women have three mothers and a young woman is chosen every 100 years to be abandoned on the planet below as a sacrifice? Intriguing.
Circle of Shadows by Evelyn Sky. This is another novel that caught my eye because its world-building. I'm so curious about this society of warriors.
Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan. Am I a macabre person if I tell that the reason I'm excited about getting my hands on this book is because of this half-quote, "in a centuries-long war where beauty and brutality meet, their three paths entwine in a shadowy world of spilled blood"?

Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. Who doesn't love the Jazz Age? The music, the dance, the clothes, etc. So much beauty and colour! This novel is a mix of the roaring twenties and Prehispanic mythology - yes, Mayan Gods. And guess what? It's another dark retelling.
We Hunt the Flame by Hafah Faizal. A world inspired by ancient Arabia that follows a girl who disguises herself as a boy and an enemies to lovers romance. It's two of my favourite tropes in just one book.
Beware the Night by Jessika Fleck. Yes, I was first attracted by the cover, but I stayed because of the synopsis. Light against darkness? The Sun against the Moon?
The Tiger at Midnight by Swati Teerdhala. This is one is based on Indian history and Hindu mythology and the main character is an assassin. Female assassins are everything.

Spectacle by Jodie Lynn Zdrok. A young girl with supernatural visions that works on the morgue column of a journal and must track down a killer. This is giving me Stalking Jack the Ripper vibes and you know it's one of my favourite series.
Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee. Since my list seems to be covering a wide range of mythologies, I also picked a sci-fi novel with a touch of Korean mythology. A space opera with shapeshifting human (they shape shift into one of the most adorable creatures ever: foxes!), pirates and vengeful ghosts.
Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Preto. Can we have more books featuring phoenixes and Phoenix Riders? These majestic birds made of fire need more love.
The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon. Because it has dragons. And Dragons. Dragons

Sky Without Stars by Jessica Brody & Joanne Rendell. Have you ever read Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables? Me neither. If you have read it, please don't feel offended by my bad joke.  But that doesn't mean I'm not excited about this science-fiction retelling of this classic novel. After all, it's a retelling. 
Courting Darkness by Robin LaFevers. I haven't read His Fair Assassin trilogy yet, but that doesn't make less enthusiastic about it. And, look at the cover!
Romanov by Nadine Brandes. Just give me all the Anastasia retellings.
The Girl King by Mimi Yu. Read. Loved. Now, I just need a physical copy.

Which 2019 book releases are you dying to get your hands on?
Did any of the books I mentioned made your list?

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  1. Gosh! There are soooo many brilliant looking books here! And so many gorgeous covers!

  2. So many stunning covers!! I love that quote from Wicked Saints too ;) So chilling.

  3. "The Cold in Her Bones" has been popping up everywhere this week. Now I want to read it, too. :)

    This is my Top Ten Tuesday post.

  4. oh wow this post is just splendorous! I don;t read many retellings but they ones you have here have the best covers and the covers and sound amazing! I have courting Darkness and Wicked Saints ARCs so excited about them!

  5. Priory of The Orange Tree and Romanov were both on my list this week too. I'm reading Enchantee at the moment and it's really great!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2019/01/08/top-ten-tuesday-193/

  6. oh my god yaaass so many of these are on my TBR! I love how you grouped the covers. they're all so gorgeous I want them all!!!!

  7. All. These. Covers. Are. Gorgeous! 2019 will probably be the years of beautiful and impeccably designed book covers. Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman sounds awesome. I love reading about squads of misfits :)

  8. Oh wow so many amazing looking books here! Warrior of the Wild, Sherwood, When The sky Fell, Courting Darkness... gah I need all of those!! :)

  9. I adored Henry's other books, and need her new release. A must read for me.

  10. There are so many beautiful looking releases coming up soon! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Lauren @ Always Me

  11. I’m excited for Spectacle and When The Sky Fell On Splendor. I’m tempted to pick up Romanov, too.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  12. So many amazing books here! I'm off to check out a few I hadn't heard of!

  13. Wow there are some amazing sounding books on this list! I'm going to have to add several to my tbr. Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

  14. A huge yes to pretty much all of these books! I think 2019 is going to be another year packed with great reads. :)

  15. Every time I thought I picked my fave cover out of your post, I scrolled down and found another gorgeous one! Such wonderful picks!

  16. There are so many good books here! Also, have you read Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston? I simply adored that Anastasia retelling (sorry if you have/have talked about it on your blog before, this is my first time reading one of your posts!). :)

  17. Holy crap, all of these are absolutely gorgeous! It really is going be the year of pretty covers, isn't it? Some of these I'm also looking forward to, but many of these are new to me! I have so many GR tabs open right now lol. Blood Heir sounds super cool?!?!?! I'm loving the sound of all these retellings!

  18. Ahh, this is such a lovely list, Tania :) I am not a huge fantasy reader but seeing all these amazing books is making me excited. I definitely want to start the Winternight series this year, considering now he series is complete :D

  19. Love your choices! Mostly because so many of them (like literally almost all of them!) are books I am dying to read too! And I totally agree about the covers- 2019 outdid itself!

  20. So many great books to look forward to! Especially Sorcery of Thorns, We Hunt the Flame and Aurora Rising.

  21. All these covers are just so gorgeous. *.* Just for that alone I am drooling haha.