Meet the Reader

Welcome to My Lovely Secret. I'm a Portuguese blogger who loves to read a little bit too much (obviously). I needed a place where I could share my thoughts on book and fangirl about my favourite novels, characters and fictional crushes and that's how this blog came to be. 

I love fantasy, fairytale retellings, horror and dystopian books (both young adult and adult - however, I often read more young adult books than adult books). Once a while, I enjoy reading cute and fluffy contemporaries.

Random Facts About Me
🌻 I'm a nightreader. I do read during the day, but I'm not fond of meeting new worlds while the sun is up.I always try to squeeze as many pages as I can before actually sleeping.   
🌻 For long time I didn't know to which Hogwarts House I belonged to. Now, it seems I'm a Gryffindor (believe me or not, I've been sorted into every single Hogwarts house; the last quiz told me that I'm Hermione-like). I'm also a Thunderbird.
🌻 I'm a cat lover through and through.
🌻 I suffer from book OCD. Folded pages and bent covers drive me crazy.
🌻 I'm addicted to TV series. How did I live before Netflix
🌻 I've a MA's degree in English Literature. Not as awesome as it may sound, since critically analysing a book can take some fun from reading.
🌻 I dream of becoming a published writer. That's probably why I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. All I know is that I want to write and read.

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