🌻 Book Review Requests

If you are an author or publisher and would like me to review a book, you can contact me by filling out the contact form below. I accept ARCs and finished copies. If the book is part of a series I've never read, then I may also need it prequel(s). I accept book in physical and digital format (epub since I use a Kobo to read).
🌻 Reading Preferences

I mostly read YA books, but now and then I read NA and Adult. Here are the genres I read the most:
  • Fantasy;
  • Retellings;
  • Science Fiction;
  • Historical Fiction/Romance
  • Dystopian;
  • Contemporary Romance;
  • Mystery. 
*I do not read Autobiographies, Non-fiction or Erotica. 
🌻 My Reviews

I always try to write compelling and easy-to-read reviews (as a Portuguese blogger, I'm aware of the difficulties non-natives English can have when reading complex reviews). The reviews I write are of my honest opinion. If I'm not fond of a book, I'll say it respectfully (every writer deserves to be respected and a reader does not have the right to be unpleasant even if the book was not their cup of tea). I also publish my reviews on Goodreads.

My reviews include:
General information;
Summary from Goodreads (or the one given by the author/publisher);
Review (contains my own summary and my opinion usually divided in sections).

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