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After spending sleepless nights and waking days working on your manuscript, having memorized back and forth every single sentence, there might be something amiss that you no longer notice. That's what a beta-reader is for. If you are looking for objective feedback and help to find plot holes and alike, you should definitely consider a beta reader.
I'm a book lover through and through. I can't remember a time in my life that I would not spend it folded between pages and living adventures in imaginary worlds. Just look at my uni major - I have a degree in Anglo-American Studies aka reading, taking notes and thinking critically about books has been all I've been doing in the past years.

I'm very detail oriented, objective and organized. Moreover, I've been reviewing books for about ten years. I can beta-reader young adult books from the following genres: fantasy (any sub-genre), retellings, paranormal, dystopian and science fiction.

If you pick me for beta-reading your work, after accepting your manuscript, I will
  • Offer constructive criticism about your plot and characters;
  • Evaluate the language, the dialogue and the writing style and look for plot inconsistencies;
  • Point out the good and the not-so-good;
  • Make suggestions/recommendations;
  • I will answer to any questionnaire about your book (p.e. questionnaire), if you wish me to;
  • Fangirl and gush about your story/characters if I absolutely love it, but always with an objective lens.
  • Revision of academic / research essays in the field of Humanities;
  • Portuguese European proofreading;
  • Research support to graduate and undergraduate students (essays, papers, and articles);
  • Typing.
If you would like to learn about my rates and hire me, all you have to do is click on the following image.

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