Bookish Kinda News 3. We Have Jace Wayland

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The actor Dominic Sherwood will play Jace Wayland in the new adaptation of The Mortal Instruments series. What do you think of the choice?
Dominic Sherwood (25)
I would have loved Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower to reprise their roles, but sadly it would have never happened. Hopefully, the TV series will have better luck than the film launched in August 2013. I make part of that very small group of people who enjoyed the film.  And, yes, I did read the book before watching the film.

If you have never read The Mortal Instruments series, you can find the first book, City of Bones, on Book Depository with discount.
"This is the movie tie-in of book one in the international number-one bestselling series The Mortal Instruments. Clary Fray is seeing things: vampires in Brooklyn and werewolves in Manhattan. Irresistibly drawn towards a group of sexy demon hunters, Clary encounters the dark side of New York City - and the dangers of forbidden love. The Mortal Instruments series has over four million books in print. It has been sold in more than thirty countries and has appeared internationally on bestseller lists, including in the UK, USA, Germany, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada."

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