Bout of Books 14 Read-a-Thon - August 19th

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

 Pages read today: 127 pages of The Stars Never Rise [ebook] + 30 pages of The Book of Ivy [ebook]
Total of pages read: 423 pages
Books read today: The Stars Never Rise & The Book of Ivy
Books read: Salem's Fury by Aaron Galvin
The Stars Never Rise by Rachel Vincent

Challenge: MASH hosted by Rocky Top Real Talk

I think this will be very embarrassing, but I never played MASH in my life (as I've never seen anyone playing it either). I've been looking at examples, but I still don't understand how to play it. Call me slow, call me whatever you wish, but I do not understand which words I'm supposed to erase - how do I do that? For that reason I will not participate in this challenge. Good luck to everyone who did.  

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