TTT. Top Ten Of My Auto-buy Authors

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by  The Broke and the Bookish
This TTT will be very short. I've many favourite authors, but I can't say I auto-buy all their books. I love Patricia Briggs, but I only auto-buy her Mercy Thompson stories. I enjoy George R.R. Martin's work, but I only buy his series A Song of Ice and Fire (and everything related with the TV series, Game of Thrones). So, only two authors made this list (and one of them has only published a book yet). 

1. Juliet Marillier. Surprised? I know you aren't. I already wrote a million times how much I love her stories. She's the Queen! I must buy everything she publishes these days -sadly, I still have to buy/read some of her older words. I pre-ordered my copy of Tower of Thorns many months ago and it only comes out in November. 

2. Sabaa Tahir. I'm in love with An Ember in the Ashes (the title is simply beautiful). I didn't expect to love the story as much as I did; I didn't expect to fall for the characters as I did. Now, I simply can't wait for its sequel. Sabaa Tahir won a reader for life because if all her stories are as An Ember in the Ashes, I must read them. She is an amazing writer.


  1. I have An Ember on the Ashes on my shelves and I need to get to it soon. And since I know you have good taste since you also adore Juliet Marillier, I better pick it up ASAP.

    1. I hope you like An Ember in the Ashes as much as I do. I couldn't stop thinking about the story after finishing it (*book hangover alert*). Also, it's so good to meet someone who also adores Juliet Marillier. No one writers as well as she.

      Happy readings! :)