Bout of Books 15 Read-a-Thon - Wrap Up

Monday, 11 January 2016

Another Bout of Books is over - congratulations survivors - and it's time to look back and see if I have met all of my goals.

My goals for Bout of Books 15 were:
  1. To read every day;
  2. To participate in two challenges;
  3. To write at least one blog post per day.
To read every day? Check. To participate in two challenges? Check. To write at least one blog per day? Check. I fulfilled all of my goals. =D

About my readings:
  • read four out of the five books I propose myself to read at the beginning of the Bout of Books 15. I also started reading Six of Crows by Leigh Bardurgo
  • The day I read more was January 8th (Friday) and the day I read less was January 5th (Tuesday). On Friday I read 338 pages and on Tuesday I read 130 pages
  • From January 4th to January 10th I read 1404 pages from five different books (all of them ebooks).

About the challenges:


  1. Congrats on finishing 4 books! Illuminae is on my TBR right now and I will be reading it soon.