My Bookish Life 4. Three Months with Owlcrate

Friday, 22 April 2016

In February, I received my first Owlcrate (read all about it here). I felt super excited when I saw it on the mailbox. I couldn't believe I was finally part of the Owlcrate family! I wanted to be part of the family since their first box was shipped a year ago. Three boxes later and I still feel the same way I did when I received the first box arrived. 

Today, I decided to share how amazing my experience with Owlcrate has been for the last three months. 

February 2016 - Sci-fi Love
The waiting for the Owlcrate is almost unbearable. I am always refreshing the tracking website, peeking at the window to see if the postman is anywhere to be seen - and when he shows up, there's a feeling of disappointment. I'm always impatient to get my hands on my Owlcrate. 

The curiosity to know which book and goodies are coming is always enormous. I keep wondering if I already have the book, if it's on my wishlist, which items were chosen... However, I also want it to be a surprise, so I have to do my best to avoid spoilers - but sometimes a few bookstagramers can't restrain themselves and as soon as they get their Owlcrate, they share photos of it. However, who can blame them? It's the Owlcrate effect! You simply can't wait to show what is inside the box!

And when the box finally arrives, I can always count with a huge smile on my face. I love the books I've received. I love how my bookish collection is growing. I love discovering new bookish stores. And my cats love to have a new box to sit. 

March 2016 - Writer's Block

I'm now trying to decide if I'll stay with Owlcrate for a few more months. I'll probably make my decision as soon as May's theme is announced (I have heard it may or not may be Steampunk; if it's, I'll probably keep my Owlcrate subscription for the next month)

However, I confess, I have been looking at other bookish subscriptions. I do love Owlcrate (from the goodies and books sent to the nice people who run it), but, sometimes, I'd like to give an opportunity to other subscriptions (such such as FairyLoot) and see if I do feel the same anticipation and excitement. Why don't you get both? I'd love to, but my budget does not allow me. Shipping costs are huge! Now and then, I do feel bad for spending money on this box, but, all in all, I truly believe it's worth every penny. Truth be told, I end paying less than if I ordered every item separately - also, a few items are exclusive, like the pink tote bag inspired by The Lunar Chronicles (three months later and I've yet to finish the series. I'm such a bad reader). Who doesn't love exclusive items? 

April 2016 - Dystopia
To summarize, after three months, I give the same advice that I did back in February:  I recommend that you to get one Owlcrate (or a FairyLoot or a Uppercase Box - the last one doesn't ship to Europe). Just get a book subscription box! Even if it's only one time experience, it will be an experience that you will never forget and worth every penny.

*All the photos have been taken by me. You can find them on my instagram account [click here]. 

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