Monthly Recap. July 2016

Sunday, 31 July 2016

I can't believe July has ended. Time loves flying! Before going through this bookish month, I'd like to share some good news. As you know, last month I lost my beloved Mufasa. I think about him every day and I miss him dearly. I thought I wasn't ready to love again, but on July 12th I found a little kitten in an animal shelter and he is the spitting image of my Mufasa. I simply couldn't leave him - not after having to let Mufasa go.

So, I'd like to introduce you Iago. He has been cheering my days up and making sure I get up from my bed every day. He is always running and jumping and being adorable. He is helping me healing. Iago has become a little sunshine in my life. Now, isn't he adorable? *.* 

July was a good reading month. I can't recall the last time I read seven books. I know a few were easy readings, but I'm really proud of myself. Hopefully, I'll read more in August. :)

  • Stolen Songbird, Danielle L. Jensen
  • Defy, Sara B. Larson
  • Signs Point to Yes, Sandy Hall
  • A Little Something Different, Sandy Hall
  • Dreamology, Lucy Keating
  • Stitching Snow, R.C. Lewis
  • Flawed, Cecilia Ahern
My favourite readings were Stolen Songbird and Stitching Snow. These novels were really nice surprises (especially Stitching Snow, as Spinning Starlight didn't impress me) and I can't wait to read Hidden Huntress [The Malediction Trilogy #2]. A Little Something Different was such an original and cute contemporary. The story of Lea and Gabe is told by twelve different POVs - and this includes the POV of a squirrel and a bench.
Defy was a utter disappointment. I couldn't stand the main character and I had issues with the writing (it was a little repetitive). The world building of Dreamology and Flawed was interesting, but I felt there was something missing at the end (also, the main characters had a few eye-rolling moments).

I think I got too many books this month. Okay, I don't think, I'm sure I bought too many books this month. =P It was my way of dealing with loss. New books cheer me up. 

I read To All the Boys I've Loved Before last year and it's one of my favourite books (in fact, it's one of my favourite series). I thought it was a good time to finally own a physical copy because Always and Forever, Lara Jean is coming out next year. This Savage Song came with this month's Owlcrate (I don't know how they do it, but they always choose books I want). I was eyeing Asleep (a dark retelling of Sleeping Beauty) for a long time and when I saw that the price dropped, I bought right away. Angelfall and Shatter Me were on my wishlist for a long time, so I finally decided to give these series an opportunity.

Now, this is going to sound bad, but all the other books were cover buy. Have you seen the cover of Illusions of Fate? *.* And the cover of Stitching Snow? *.* Okay, this one is a retelling, so my love for retellings had something to do with me buying it too. Well, but as I was saying, they were cover buy [The Chaos of Stars, The Unexpected Everything, After Alice] and they happened to have an interesting summary. Win, win. Oh, and Prince of Shadows was so cheap that I just had to get it. It would be insulting not to buy it at a such low price.

Random & Randomness, as the name indicates, is about random bookish stuff. Inspired by a few blogs, I decided to create this little space where I share some book love . This week I also share TV series and videogame love.
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Funko Pop! Vynil - Have you seen the figures? Aren't they adorable? *.* When I saw the announcement on Pottermore on my birthday (July 7th), I knew I had to get my hands on the magical creatures set. I was a bit disappointed when I heard they would be sold on SDCM, but then there was a partnership with Barnes and Noble and I couldn't resist ordering the Cornish Pixie, Mandrake and Grindylow. *happy dance*  
  • Stranger Things - I'm addicted to TV series and this month I fell in love with Stranger Things. This series is all kind of awesomeness. Set in the 80's, it brings the nostalgia to surface. Nerdy kids, Dungeons & Dragons, ET, monsters, mysteries... I recommend you to watch it.   
  • Gravity Rush 2 - I'm also a gamer and Gravity Rush 2 has been one of my most-waited releases. This month its release date was announced: November 30th! *counting the days*
  • My review of Their Fractured Light and Stolen Songbird.  


  1. I simply adore Dreamology what a great book. Love your kitty btw!

    1. Aww, thank you. Iago is super adorable.

      Happy readings! ;)