Bout of Books 17 Read-a-Thon. Wrap Up

Monday, 29 August 2016

Another Bout of Books comes to an end. And, sadly, the next one will only be in January. Why can't we have more Bout of Books? :´(  As usual, congratulations to the survivors! This week flew by and I tried to fit as much reading as possible - I can't believe I'm going to say this, but on Saturday and Sunday I felt tired of reading. Now, let's see if I met my goals.

My goals for Bout of Books 17 were:
  1. To read every day;
  2. To participate in two challenges;
  3. To write at least one blog post per day.
To read every day? Check. To participate in two challenges? Check. To write at least one blog per day? Check. I fulfilled all of my goals. *happy dance*

About my readings:
  • read two out of the physical four books I propose myself to read at the beginning of the Bout of Books 17. I also read For Darkness Shows the Stars (ebook) and started reading The Chaos of Stars, which I'm halfway through. 
  • The day I read more was August 23rd (Tuesday) and the day I read less was August 24th (Wednesday). On Sunday I read 228 pages and on Wednesday I read 150 pages
  • From August 22th to August 28th I read 1128 pages from four different books (three physical books and one ebook).
About the challenges:
Bout of Books 18 will be from January 2nd to January 8th. I'm hoping to participate and I'll try pay attention to the deadlines so that I can host a challenge. Now, it's time to say goodbye and I hope to see you all again in January.

Time for writing reviews! ;)

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