Monthly Recap. November 2016

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

"Santa Claus is comin' to town." Happy belated December (uni is killing me; I barely have time to breath, but I refuse to let my blog die). Can you believe December is already here?! Not too long ago 2016 was beginning full of promise (mine was not full of it and it seems my karma is getting worse) and now it's *finally* coming to an end. It seems it's time to start making the list of my favourite readings of 2016 and which books I can't wait to be released next year and see if I can reach my Retelling Challenge goal (which is something I certainly won't be able to).

How awful was this month when it comes to reading? Very awful! 😿 [since when does blogger have emojis?] I'll more than certainly have to change my Goodreads reading goal...
  • Shadow and Bone, Leigh Bardugo
  • Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell [read for my masters]
  • The Tempest, William Shakespeare [read for my masters]
  • The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald [read for my masters]
  • The Giver, Lois Lowry [read for one of my masters final essays]
    I know, I read five books and I should be happy, but let's remember that two of them I started them back in October. And, then four books I read were for my masters - The Great Gatsby was a re-reading. Oh, and I started reading Crooked Kingdom (which I'm slowly getting through because between tiredness and hyper-active cats, it's difficult to read more than twenty pages before feeling sleepy).

    November was not a bad month for my bookshelf and wallet. Well, I did buy some books for Christmas, but those will only be part of December's haul. So, these are the books that arrived at my shelf (the pictures seem to be blurry, but that is not how they look on my Instagram account):

    • Den of Wolves by Juliet Marillier 😻
    • The Giver by Lois Lowry 
    • Heartless by Marissa Meyer [Owlcrate]
    • Moon Chosen by P.C. Cast [Nerdy Bookworm Box]

    Random & Randomness, as the name indicates, is about random bookish stuff. Inspired by a few blogs, I decided to create this little space where I share some bookish love.
    • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Premiere - When will I be able to watch it? 😿
    • Beauty and the Beast Trailer - OMG! I need it now! 😻  
    • Pokemon Sun and Moon Release - I don't know if you already know, but I'm a Pokemon fan since the beginning, so a new game is always reason of happiness - even though this one is kinda childish. I like they tried to do something new, but what happened to the PokéGyms?!
    Probably a few more things marked the month of November, but I can't remember them now. =P

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