Yearly Recap. A Bookish 2016 & 2017 Goals

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

I know, I know: it's February. I started writing this article in January, but a chaotic schedule made me push it back until now. I've already participated on End of the Year Book Survey - 2016 Edition, but I decided to something a little more personal.

What did I read in 2016?

  • In 2016 I read 56 books, the equivalent to 19027 pages. I really wish I had read a few more books, because, you know, as they say: so many books and so little time. 
  • The genre I read the most was Fantasy, as always. There really needs to be some change here... I need to try different genres a little more. 
  • I wrote 24 reviews, a huge improvement for someone who spend years without sharing a review. I know, it's embarrassing.
  • You can see which books I loved the most in 2016 here.

Series Started & Series Finished

I hope I'm not the only one who starts more series than finishes. 🙈 I started nineteen new series yet I only finished three. I guess it's something I'll try to change in 2017. However, I confess that I'm not sure if I'll keep following some of the series I started this year, such as Court of Fives, Glamourist Histories, The Witchlands and Defy, because I was not really fond of what I read.

  • To finally read 70 books. I understand what matters is quality, not quantity. However, I need to tackle down my TBR pile and I've been trying to read 70 books for years now. Hopefully, I'll be able too say that I read everything that is on my bookshelf - it's a small bookshelf, so I really hope I can do it.
  • Some of the books I hope to read this year are: the Lord of the Rings trilogy (I'm still trying to figure out which edition to buy; any suggestions?), The Name of the Wind (I keep reading so many great reviews but I haven't had the time to read it yet), Den of Wolves and catch up with Mercy Thompson's adventures. An author I'd like to read this year is Stephen King (he's the horror master and I have never read anything he had written).
  • To read 50 pages per day. If I want to finally fulfil my 70 books Goodreads goal, I need to read a bit every day. And, fifty pages don't seem to little or too much.
  • To read at least 25 retellings. Last year I participated on (Fairytale) Retelling Challenge 2016. My goal was to read 26 retellings, but, unfortunately, I didn't reach it. However, even though there is no challenge this year, I decided to try again to read as many retellings as possible.
  • To read more contemporaries and classics. My readings needs to be more diverse. As I mentioned above, every year I read more and more fantasy and put aside all the other genres.
  • To improve my time management. This is not only a bookish goal, but also a life goal. Not only I need to improve my time management to read more, but also I need to do it because of uni. There is always so much to do that I end up struggling to have everything done on time.
  • To write more reviews than I did last year. Last year was a really improvement for me as I wrote a lot more reviews that I usually do. Nonetheless, I didn't review every book I read. I do not expect to do such things this year, but I'm hoping to write more reviews.   
  • To become more involved in the bookish community.
What are your 2017 goals?

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