Illumicrate. August Unboxing

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Disclaim: I'm not a rep for Illumicrate or have any connection with it. I'm promoting it of my own free will.

Yesterday, I received my second Illumicrate -after a long calls to my country's delivery mail company who had sent it to only God knows where- and since it is such a fabulous and surprising box, I decided to share the August's box unboxing here on my blog.

What did I discover inside this little box full of surprises?

  • Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo, exclusive edition for Illumicrate with red sprayed edges, and an exclusive pin.
  • The Red Church tea by T-ology.
  •  Shakespeare zip bag, artwork by Miss Phi.
  • Wisdom journal, desgined by Hey Atlas Creative. The quote is from The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.
  • Alethiometer Coaster, artwork by Hannah Hitchman Art.
  • Sticky bookmarks and book money jar from Blossom Books. 

Look at all these amazing bookish items. *.* I'm completely in love with the sticky bookmarks and the zip bag. And, yes, I'm also in love with the book. Although I'm idolize Leigh Bardugo's writing and worldbuilding, I did not pre-ordered Wonder Woman: Warbringer. 🙊 But, in my defence, I did suspect it was going to be Illumicrate's August book. I'm going to cherish this book until my very last breath -I shouldn't be so dramatic, but this exclusive edition is gorgeous. Red sprayed edges? *.*

Inside it, I also found some EXTRAS. One of them was a ARC! *fangirling because I got my hands on an ARC*

  • Three bookmarks (Ringer, After the Fire and The Bear and the Nightingale).
  • Four Moxie badges. Female Empowerment! 👊 
  • An exclusive advanced reader copy of Nyxia by Scott Reintgen with bookmark. I confess I never heard of this book, but it sounds so good that I've do dive into it ASAP.
This is the second physical ARC I receive (the first was also thanks to Illumicrate). As any bookworm, I couldn't be more excited to get my hands on it. I always feel jealous when people show off their ARCs -or the review copies publishers send them. I've contacted some publishers in hope I could enter the "ARCs club", but with no luck. It does let me down -it makes me feel average when everything I do is never good enough to get noticed... Well, let me move on from this gloomy rambling. After all, Illumicrate is here to brighten up our days. 🌞 

Veredict: If you have never ordered an Illumicrate, I one hundred percent recommend you to do it. Not does it offers exclusive items and editions for its subscribers, but it also contains ARCs and signed books (the book that came in May's box was signed by the author). And, Daphne, the business owner, is a sweetheart. 💓  


  1. Illumicrate is probably the highest book box on my wishlist! I just haven't dared to order it because of the shipping fees -.- But I might gift it to me for christmas if I finally find a job that allows me to afford it ^^

    What wonderful content you got! I did not know that those books would be exclusive editions (and Warbringer!! How awesome is that??) or that you'd even get ARCs! *.* I've seen some people talk about Nyxia, so it might be hyped soon :)

    If you're interested in ARCs but publishers won't send physical copies you should definitely check out NetGalley :) I know it's not the same as holding a book physically in your hands, but there's no other opportunity for me either because in english publishers don't send books across the sea :((

    1. Illumicrate is an amazing box. If you have the opportunity to order one, you should because its content is always so special -it's the third time an ARC has been sent and I'm always very excited to find those.

      Thank you. I usually visit NetGalley. And I do request some ARCs over there. But, sadly, the most hyped books you can't request because of the location. I think it's really unfair since it seems we are second rate readers because we live across the sea.

      Happy readings! ;)