Cover Reveal. The Hummingbird

Friday, 13 October 2017

This week Blaze Publishing has revealed the cover of the third book of Jacob Devlin, The Hummingbird. How precious is it?! It's so pretty and eerie. Since Jacob Devlin wants to see our reaction to this cover through gifs, here is mine (you can visit his website and share yours).

The Hummingbird is expected to be released on September 20th 2018.

In the aftermath of the great battle that left Wonderland in ruins, Crescenzo DiLegno and his two best friends have reunited with their families in Florindale, but the war wages on in every kingdom. The Order of the Bell is scattered, presumably left to the mercy of Queen Avoria, whose grip on the New World grows tighter every day. Cities have already fallen, the shadows have spread, and a fortress of nightmares has appeared in the heart of New York City. 

 Determined to take back his home and restore order to the worlds, Crescenzo must rally all the people he's met from his adventures, from the troubled prince to the rebellious Lost Boys, and storm Avoria's castle of illusion. The Carver's war against the wicked Ivory Queen brews to an explosive finale, but dark secrets about her true nature have yet to emerge, and not everybody will be prepared to survive them."