Monthly Recap. October 2017

Sunday, 12 November 2017

I'm so sorry for this very late Monthly Recap. If you have been following my Sunday Post updates, you know that I got sick, my laptop "died", then I had to get a new one and recover a week of not working for my thesis. Also, currently, life has been chaotic. There is so much to do, and so little time!

In October I only read four books - See? Chaotic life!
  • The Last of the Firedrakes, Farah Oomerbhoy
  • The Rise of the Dawnstar, Farah Oomerbhoy
  • Hunted, Meagan Spooner
  • The Canary Club, Sherry D. Ficklin
        My favourite reading of the month was Hunted. This book is pure perfection. I can't believe I put this book aside for so long because I read a review on Goodreads written by someone that I trust, saying that there was a love triangle. THERE IS NO LOVE TRIANGLE IN THIS BOOK!

        This was a good month for my bank account.
        • The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neil Gaiman
        • The Language of Thorns, Leigh Bardugo  (two exclusive editions 🙈)
        • Forest of a Thousand Lanterns, Julie C. Dao
        • The Night Realm, Annette Marie & Hinder by Kristin Ping [thank you Xpress Book Tours]
        • Paramnesia, Brian Wilkinson; Flotsam, R.J. Theodore & The Fall of the Lostport,R.J. Vickers [thank you Netgalley]
        Which books did you get in October?

        Random & Randomness, as the name indicates, is about random bookish stuff. Inspired by a few blogs, I decided to create this little space where I share some bookish love.


        1. I have so many books on my shelf that I have been putting off because trusted reviewers have said some negative things, but I think I might revisit them and judge for myself. Enjoy all your new books!

          1. I've put too many books aside because of negative things reviewers I trust wrote and now I think I shouldn't have done that. Reviews are still very helpful, but I think I'll judge more for myself from now on. Thank you.

            Happy readings, Sam! ;)

        2. Good to hear that you enjoyed HUNTED and that there is no love triangle. Yeay!

          1. The non-existence of love triangles always make me happy. :D