ARC Review // Paramnesia by Brian Wilkinson

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Title: Paramnesia (The Deadish Chronicles #1)
Author: Brian Wilkinson
Publisher: Blue Moon Publishers [thank you for the review copy]
Published: September 18th 2018

"Nora Edwards finally had everything she wanted out of life, including the boy of her dreams, Andrew, until one night that dream turned into a nightmare. On their way home from prom, Nora and Andrew are attacked by a supernatural creature called the Revenant that sucks the souls out of the living in order to feed itself. Nora manages to escape from the creature, but tragically, Andrew is not as fortunate.

Although Nora suffered loss that night, she gained something, as well: the ability to see the dead. Whether the skill is a gift or a curse is yet to be determined, as those around her assume Nora has developed "paramnesia," a disorder where one confuses dreams with reality. She's also attracted the attention of the Revenant's masters, who need to preserve the secret of their supernatural existence. Nora, along with Andrew and her living and dead allies in the Deadish Society, quickly finds herself in a battle for the souls of her city—and her mind."

Paramnesia is a story about love, loss and learning how to live surrounded by ghosts and soul-sucking creatures that want you dead.


Mental illness awareness. Concerning mental awareness, there's still a lot of prejudice and lack of understanding. I quite enjoyed that this novel deals with a mental illness that isn't very common, paramnesia.

Folk tales. The supernatural world woven by Wilkinson was my favourite part of this novel. I quite enjoyed how he picked up some folk tales (vampires, ghosts, doppelgängers) and gave them a twist of his own. Even the ghosts that inhabited Nora's town were not what you would expect - creatures haunting old houses with a murderous instinct. They were kind and helpful, ready to sacrifice themselves to protect Nora.

Villain. There are a few chapters in the point of view of the Revenant, the creature that turned Nora's life upside down. For me, to have an inside look at the villain's motives and intentions always spices up the story. These chapters made the Revenant a dimensional character.


Insta-love. A trope that I'll never understand the appeal of. The romance between Nora and Andrew was important for the plot. However, why couldn't Nora and Andrew already be together before the book began? Then, their love story could be told through Nora's memories. It was difficult to believe two people who only met a month ago had such a bound. In the end, the relationship between Andrew and Nora was a little bit unconvincing.

Prologue & Epilogue. Although I enjoyed the author's writing, the prologue was not appealing. I had a few issues with the descriptions - perhaps because I was expecting it to be horrific and to feel terrified by the murderous scene. Regarding, the epilogue, I'm still confused by it. The scene is very short and it just didn't make sense.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I absolutely love the cover to this book. It is so so beautiful <3 I also really like the sound of this one having good mental health awareness rep. I'm always down for folk tales being woven into what I read as well. Insta Love is a huge turn off for me because I really don't like it. I can't stand it actually. So hmm... I'll see if I pick this one up or not.

    1. I must confess that the cover caught my attention long before the summary did. This cover is gorgeous. *.* If insta-love is done right, I may not mind much, but most times I can't stand it. The insta-love in this book didn't convince me of the undying love between Nora and Andrew.

      If you end up picking Paramnesia up, I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Well this sounds cool... although the insta-love aspect sounds a bit offputting because i don't enjoy insta-love. It is never necessary. I like it explores a few good issues though so glad to see an interesting new book out.

    1. Someone must tell authors that readers do no like insta-love. A insta-love relationship ends up feeling so fake.

      Happy readings!;)

  3. Well, the ghosts part sounds very interesting :)

    1. Yeah, the ghosts were pretty awesome (pardon my not-so-literary-language).

      Happy readings Evelina! ;)