Sunday Post. Help Wanted! Too Much Chaoticness

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviews.
REQUEST ALERT! I need help. This is not the first time I mention this (I'm sure I mentioned it in my last Sunday Post), but I really don't want to let my blog "die" when it finally is growing. And, I need your help! I want to go back at updating it regularly. However, I'm starting to feel the world is against me... just today I was finishing a new post and I lost it since blogger didn't save it properly (I usually write my posts on paper, but this time I decided to save some time only to lose everything). So, how do people with chaotic lifes and a thesis/dissertation to write are able to still post regularly?

What happened in the last weeks:

🌻 Is it bad that I don't remember much? I remember being busy, but much more...
🌻 But good news: already finished four books this month. At least I've time to read (however, reading is part of my master)
🌻This week I had a new presentation. I talked about the monster in Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. Always and forever one of my favourite films.


Thank you Netgalley for accepting my request to read The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green - the cover is so pretty. *.* Also, thank you Xpresso Book Tours for sending me a copy of A Prom to Remeber by Sandy Hall. If you've never read Sandy Hall before you should, since her books are the cutest! I think I should also thank Illumicrate for sending me a copy of Blood and Sand by C.V. Wyk. *when you try to pretend you didn't spend money on a book...well, on a subscription box*
How was your week?


  1. I can relate to it being chaotic when you have a busy life. I just put all other things before my blog and try to write something when I have an hour or something left. I usually only plan a week ahead... If I play too far ahead and something else comes up, I won't be stressed about it.. :)

    Have a nice Sunday!

  2. I plan a week ahead. That way I have time for other things and usually do this on Saturday or Sunday that way I never stress about the blog. If it become stressful, I most likely won't want to do it. Have a good week.

    Mary #SundayRoundup #10

  3. Sorry to hear you had some technical difficulties. I am surprised, because blogger always seems to auto-save all the time. I am not in school any longer, but I write my reviews right after I finish my book (or as soon as possible), so my review posts are always ready to go. On Saturday, I do my Sunday post, and then on Sunday, I do my CWW, TTT, and discussion post. Writing the reviews ahead of time is the best thing I ever did, because they take me the longest.

  4. Posting ahead is the key to posting daily without pulling all of your hair out. Take a blog break for a week. Sit down and write up at least two weeks worth of posts. Mix it with reviews, memes and discussions. Write reviews about books you've previously read to build that 2 week cushion. Once done you'll be working on posts at the beginning of the month for the end of the month and should be able to build momentum. I blog 4-6 weeks ahead always. I work daily and watch my grandbabies 40+hours a week.

  5. Love watching The Nightmare Before Christmas! Sometimes, when I have too much to do on the blog, I try to take a break for a week or two until I get back into the spirit of blogging again. Also, I would save the upcoming blog posts on your laptop so that way, you won't lose any information you wrote down.

  6. Ohh well, I haven't previously worked on Blogspot but I do know that it sucks. So probably you can think of switching to Wordpress? I mean it's just an idea.
    Ahh, i am too bad in scheduling posts. I can't do that myself :D I can totally understand the busy life as I am going through it recently. But at least you got time to read :) I have just finished 2 books this month :D So yeah, you are definitely doing better :D

  7. A lot of my weeks aren't memorable so I get where you're coming from. A Prom to Remember looks cute.

  8. Nice mailbox...ENJOY your books and your week.

  9. These books are new to me. I plan the week but usually write my reviews the night before posting. I haven't yet gotten reviews ready ahead of time as some bloggers manage. If I have to skip a day or two I don't stress. We all understand this is a love/passion, not a job. Hope you don't let it stress you. Just enjoy sharing! and Happy Reading!

  10. Try to see all the good parts of your week! Wordpress saves drafts, but I also recommend writing the blog post in a Google doc or a notepad first, and then just copy past in blogger and edit it how you want it to look.

  11. I don't think I still have the answer to that. I take some notes in order not to forget what I want to say. I moved from blogger to a domain hosted by nose graze (no it's not an advertisement for her, I get nothing out of it) because I did not have the time or the patience with blogger anymore. Posting ahead works for a lot of people but I never had luck with it. I am a mom and a business owner. I finish a book, I review it whenever I finish it even if it's like 5 pm in the afternoon. I never really have enough material to blog ahead I just go as I finish.

  12. A Prom to Remember is on my TBR too. Can't wait to get started on it for the blog tour.
    I think with the blogging regularly while super busy, I'd either write down ideas for posts and do lots of writing and scheduling when you have some spare time or I'd not worry about it and post when you can post and when inspiration strikes.

  13. Gah, sorry blogger (and the time) seems to have been against you posting. I have several things I try to make sure I post regularly (although I've not had much success of late). First of all, scheduling posts is vital. I try write up a handful and schedule them to post when I want stuff up (but that's obviously hard if you don't have time to spare in the first place. I also never write posts directly on the blogger post editor (I don't like the look of it). I use Open Live Writer on my laptop and it means my posts save on my laptop and then I can upload to the get them ready to schedule. Also, I write posts ideas/notes on my notes app on my phone so I always have ideas written down and I can do that on my go when I have 5 mins to spare. But sadly I've still not figured out how to make more time in the day to actually post so let me know if you figure that one out.

    Yay for new books (I also have two of these ot read/review). I love pretending I'm not paying for my subscription box books. I stick to just Illumicrate for my subscriptions simply because their boxes are so good but not too often to let the books pile up (I mean, they do... but let's not talk about that).

    Hope you have a good week and manage to figure out something which works for you.