27 October 2019

Sunday Post. Everything is Going to be Okay, Right?

Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviews.

Hello, fellow book lovers. How are you doing? 😊 I'm starting to feel the worse blogger to walk on earth since I rarely share new posts, finish any new posts or blog hop. How did my life come to this?! Every day, I find less time for my hobbies and for the things that make me happy. Every day, I find myself more stressed and with no opportunity to slow down and take a deep breath. I no longer feel like everything is going to be okay...

This past weeks in my life:

🍁 The saga continues: lots of stress and my life still follows the loop house-train-work-train-house (some days, I work nine to ten hours, when I should only be working seven).
🍁 However, I've been trying to change my habits/routine. Since last week, I've been trying to watch a films (spooky ones, like The Conjuring and all it sequels and prequels and Insidious, since it's October) instead of just sitting on the couch unmoving. 
🍁 I just got my copy of Medievil and I haven't had yet the time to play it. 😭
🍁 I finally found time to finish a new bookish design that I had been working on since September. If you love Edgar Allan Poe, this one is definitely for you.
🍁As you can see, my blog has a new template. No, it wasn't something I was planning because, as you may have noticed, I was quite happy about my blog. But there was some error/glitch and I lost my main header (and it seems like that a lot of not-age-appropriate links are directing to my blog?). I tried to contact the creator, but she seems to have vanished. So, I had to buy a new template. I'm warming up to it and I do think it reflects my blog.     

  • Since we last talked, I've finally shared a new discussion post. Is it me or are vampires making a comeback? I guess it's time to polish the fangs because there are all these amazing books coming out that feature these cold-blooded creatures. 


Since my last update, I've no clue of how many books I bought. This is not because I went book-crazy and got myself twenty new books, but because I'm having a hard time remembering when things happen - I mean, something that happened just two days ago, seems to have happened a thousand years ago. I think I should get checked... Anyway, one book that I'm sure I got in the past few weeks is Woven in Moonlight by Isabel IbaΓ±ez. Thank you to the publisher and NetGally and to all the bookish Gods that made this happen.

Four more days until Halloween. What will you be reading? Any spooky recommendations?

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  1. Sorry that you've had a stressful time of it lately. I hope work settles down for you. And I'm sorry about the issues with your header too---I do like the new only, but that sounds like such a frustrating problem!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. I like your pretty new header.
    I’m sorry that you are overwhelmed at the moment, I hope you do find a way to reduce your stress, and you find the time to read all those new books.

    Wishing you a great reading week

  3. You're definitely not the worst blogger ever, don't beat yourself up over not having as much freetime as you used to. It happens to the best of us and we all know you want to blog even if you can't. Glad you've at least made the effort to try and fit in a film in your weeks because I find once you begin to make that small effort to do something other than laze around and do nothing you really notice you have more energy for other stuff too. Sorry you had so much drama with your blog as well, at least you've sorted it and are mostly happy with the new design.

  4. You poor dear. As if getting your tooth extracted wasn't bad enough. I hope you are back to 100%. I love your Poe design. It's beautiful! Remember, blogging is supposed to be fun. Do it when you can, and take care of yourself first. ((HUGS))

  5. I love your blog template. ANd I feel you on the extra hours. I miss the days where I worked 8 hours and not 10 or 12 (eep or more) :( I hope this week is better

    Happy Reading!

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

    Here's my Weekly Wrap Up

  6. The new header is lovely. I hope the stress calms down for you.
    The Poe design is lovely. One of my favorite poems.
    I love the cover of Woven in Moonlight.
    I hope this week is better for you.

  7. You ARE going to be okay. You are. Things are shit but they will get better. They always get better eventually but I know when you are in the middle of it that it doesn't always seem that way.
    I really hope that you find the time to catch your breath soon. I love Nevermore... Think I'll grab it in travel mug form...

  8. I like your cute little paragraph/section dividers.

    Have a great week.

    Lovely blog.

  9. I feel like we've talked and prepared for Halloween for months now! It has taken forever to get here, particularly from my daughter's perspective.

  10. Sometimes, when we're overwhelmed with things in our personal life, it's perfectly normal to neglect other aspects like blog and social media. Don't feel guilty about it and take care of yourself!

  11. I'm sorry to read you've been feeling so stressed lately. I hope this will get better soon. Take care of yourself! ;)

  12. I would be very happy if vampires were making a comeback! And I love horror films so I very much support the idea of watching some spooky ones. I am so sorry you're overworked though. It's so wrong that you're doing 3 to 4 extra hours even when that shouldn't be the case :(