4 January 2020

Happy New Year! My Bookish Resolutions for 2020

I usually share my Bookish Resolutions for the new year before the previous year ends, but due to lack of time (note to self: learn how to manage my time in 2020) and things being a little overwhelming lately, I only found time to do it today. I'm not looking back at my 2019 goals to verify which ones did I fulfil and which ones I failed miserably - as I mentioned in my last yearly recap, I'm awful at keeping up with my resolutions, mostly because I forget all about them. Now, I'm wondering why I'm sharing these resolutions if I will most certainly forget about them again. 😏 Anyway, shall we take a look at my reading and blogging goals for 2020?

What do I wish to accomplish reading and blogging wise in 2020? 

πŸ“š I'm aiming to read 70 books. Last year, I read 55 books (my goal was fifty). I know my goal for this year is a little bit of stretch comparing with it. However, I'm really hoping to reach this number - I will try to read 50 pages per day in order to do so, but I know that some days I will not be in the mood to read. Why seventy books? I have done it before. I really hope to make a dent on TBR pile and this may be the incentive I need to one day be able to read 100 books in a year - how do you manage to do this? You need to tell me your secret.

πŸ“š In my attempt to decrease my ever-growing book pile, I joined a few reading challenges. I'm hoping to read twenty backlist titles, I will attempt to read 16 to 20 retellings and  6 to 10 dystopian books. I own too many retellings and dystopian books, so if I'm able to read thirty books from these genres, I'll make a dent on my book pile. Moreover, I want to reach 50% of read books on my Kobo stats

πŸ“š I hope to increase my followers number. Am I the only person using blogger having a hard time increasing my following number? This year my blogger will celebrate its tenth anniversary and I would love to be able to reach 200 followers. I feel my follower count is very low for someone who has been blogging for so long! In order to do so, I will try to be more present and be more consistent. I really need to stop vanishing from the face of the earth...

πŸ“š As in previous years, I hope not be influenced by the hype since it always leads to an epic disaster - me angry at myself for spending money on books that end up being disappointing because my hopes were too high.

πŸ“š Since I mentioned disappointing books, this year I will attempt to put down a book for good instead of forcing myself to read it until the very end. I'm not good at DFN-ing books. I always tell myself that something better is waiting for me in the middle of the story and/or in the last few chapters. I will try very hard to put the book down and move on instead of forcing myself to read it or promise that I will finish it one day.

πŸ“š As you know, I've embraced the chaotic-ness that comes with life and sometimes I find myself so busy that I do not have the time to read and review ARCs before their release date. Thus, once again, I'll try very hard not to request more ARCs than I can chew. Moreover, I will not join as many blog tours (many times the materials don't arrive on time and that's very stressful; I end up not promoting the books as much as I wanted to).

πŸ“š I hope to keep writing and share many more discussion posts. Thanks to the blogging challenge hosted by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight, I was able to share more discussion posts in a year than I did since I started blogging. I'm already working on a few discussions posts (my bookish resolutions can be considered a discussion post, right?) that I'm dying to share with you. Now, I just need to find the will to finish them up and then work on the graphics.

πŸ“š But, most importantly, I want to keep having fun and meeting wonderful bloggers. As I wrote last year, blogging isn't supposed to feel like an obligation nor make someone feel stressful. Although I want to be more consistent, I know I will not be able to publish every day - most importantly, I'll not be in the mood to publish every day - and that's okay. Because blogging is something I do on my free time because I love books with all my heart.

What are your bookish resolutions for 2020?  
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  1. Good luck with all your challenges, and you are not alone with the blogger thing. There was this mass exodus several years ago, and a lot of Wordpress people will only follow other Wordpress people (I see it all the time on Twitter). I don't like the free Wordpress, and I am not paying to self host, so I will be content with building a following on a different platform. Pusheen!

  2. First of all the graphic at the end is ADORABLE! Your goals definitely seem achievable, so good luck with them! I have no idea how to get more followers, I think I gave up? πŸ˜‚ As for reading... I think I just kind of am in such a habit of reading every day? I will say, getting a Kindle Paperwhite helped me a lot because I can read in the bath hahhha. And I am RIGHT there with you on DNFing. I almost did already this year and then... I just couldn't and now I am mad at myself!

  3. So, the only thing I've found that helps with followers is to host giveaways---which is nice and all, but only if you have money to put into it. (Though I now also do my monthly wrap-up round-up giveaway where I give away books I already own and it only costs me shipping if it's not a book I'm desperate to keep). I do find it strange how some bloggers have built up a following super fast and others have worked for years and can't seem to get traction---I hope you find your audience!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  4. Good luck on your goals! You can do it! For the last few years I've been requesting less and less ARCs and honestly, it feels good. I only request books I REALLY want to read and I know I'll get to before the release date. For me it all has to do with the fact that I'm a mood reader and sometimes I just don't get to those ARCs because I'm just not in the mood for them. But I've been doing pretty well on this front lately, so hopefully you'll find your balance between revew copies and backlisted book as well! 😊

  5. Good luck on your bookish resolutions. They sound pretty good.
    I don't have a lot of bookish resolutions. But I do join the Goodreads challenge every year. My goal this year is 100 again. I read 94 last year, so hopefully without a move I will manage this year. :D
    Happy reading!

  6. Aww, I love the New Year critters! Good luck with your goals! I use Blogger too. Getting followers and views is extremely difficult. I feel like it shouldn’t be this hard!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  7. You can do 70 books, I believe in you! Also, you can pick up a few graphic novels to help you out. They are amazing and are always quick reads. I am much better at DNFing than I have been in the past. They key is to let go early because it is way harder to put down a book you have spent a lot of time on already. Wishing you lot of luck with your goals!

  8. My secret? Audiobooks! If there's a book on my shelves that I've been meaning to read for ages, I see if my library has it on audio. If I'm in the car (and it's appropriate for small children), I listen to an audiobook. A lot of times we listen to MG audios that I've been wanting to read, so everyone's happy. :) If I'm cooking, cleaning, or doing something with my hands -- audiobook. It has helped me get through sooo many more books in a year, and really dented my TBR pile.

    As for followers... no idea. Personally, I don't think about following people too much. Like, when I first started, definitely. Now I mostly go back and forth with the same group of people, occasionally branching out to new blogs when I have time, and finding nice surprises when they're attached to giveaways. Take right now for example... I love and follow your blog, but I wasn't FOLLOWING your blog (which I am now on Twitter, Insta, Bloglovin' and GFC). Simply, because I wasn't thinking about it. :)

    Avoid the hype! Always! I try to borrow a book from my library before purchasing it. It saves money, and then I'm only buying books that I definitely know I want to own. The exceptions: 1) A series I'm in the middle of and loving. B) An author I'm obsessed with. C) Someone I know well ASSURES me I'll love it.

    I have been a much, much happier reader since I started DNFing the books I didn't like. To ease the sting, I started a feature called DNF&Y, so I can explain WHY the book didn't work for me. It also gives me time to move on to other books that I might LOVE from the very first page. You can't keep hoping for something better when you're already miserable.

    More and more blog tour books/ebooks never make it, and I'm left scrambling. You're right, it's stressful. Sometimes I'll do a spotlight post, and other times I'll ask to be removed from the tour. I can't take care of things on my end, if I don't get the materials I need.

    The Discussion Challenge had me posting more thoughtful posts, too! Yay! I also adore Nicole and Shannon. I hope you keep doing what makes you happy! Blogging and reading should always be fun and enjoyable, never work or a chore. <3

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? πŸ’¬

  9. Of course this post can count as a discussion post 😘 Lindsi's right, audio books are a great help with numbers. Lots of the series that I read also release shorter novellas - less than 200 pages but still count!

    I've seen my blog follower numbers creeping up since I joined in with some weekly memes/tags, being better at commenting on and replying to blog posts and being more active within the book blogging community on Twitter.

    Good luck x

  10. These are good resolutions! I'm also going to make a concentrated effort to increase my followers/blog traffic, and my plan of attack it to participate in more tags/memes as well as try to find some interesting, unique content. Last year I went through a blogging slump and ended up not posting for a few months, and even when I came back I mostly just posted reviews.

    I also moved from Blogger to Wordpress last year and lost a good chunk of followers, so I'm trying to build that back up. You're right, though, blogging is supposed to be FUN! As someone who doesn't monetize my blog in any way, if it's not fun then I'm not doing it right, lol.

  11. I find reading across a wide range of genres makes reaching 100 books easier. My typical book length is 250-300 pages which don't take long to read, whereas a lot of fantasy books are 500-800 pages and it makes increasing the "read count" much harder. I also read a few kids books (which are super short) and novellas which have the happy by-product of increasing the quantity of books I read. I've also added audiobooks into the mix which means commute time (1 to 1.5hrs a day) is now spent listening to books rather than 'wasted'.

    As to increasing blog followers, I have no idea how... I have giveaways where the entries are linked to following (and that helps) but most of it comes from interaction, I think. I don't put a lot energy into it anymore as it can be disheartening.

    Good luck with the coming year Tania! Blogging is supposed to be fun so do whatever works for you to make it fun. If that's one or two posts a week then so be it! And I 100% agree with cutting down in arcs and blog tours... They can be super demoralising!