5 January 2021

TTT. 13 Amazing 2021 Middle Grade Adventures

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl.

Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a not-so-crazy 2021 and that all your delayed plans may come true. 😊 I wanted to share with you all the books I can't wait to be published in 2021, but there are so many new novels I want to gush about that I did complete my list for today's Top Ten Tuesday. Thus, I decided to share thirteen middle grade novels coming out this year that I really want to read. When will I ever restrain myself to ten books? πŸ˜‡
Of a Feather, Cece Rios and the Desert of Souls, The Magical Imperfect
Of a Feather by Dayna Lorentz. Why do I sense Of a Feather will break my heart? My heart just can't take stories about injured (or dying) animals -- however, I always seem to have a knack for picking them. Also, how adorable is this cover? 😍 | Amazon
Cece Rios and the Desert of Souls by Kaela Rivera. I'm not sure what made me fall in love with this middle grade adventure first: the gorgeous cover with its orange and brown hues or the fact that Cece Rios and the Desert of Souls is inspired by Mexican Mythology! | Amazon
The Magical Imperfect by Chris Baron. This seems such a magical story. After learning The Magical Imperfect is a tale of a boy who is selectively mute, a girl who won't leave her house because of a skin condition and  magical Jewish clad, I could not stop thinking about it. | Amazon
That Thing About Bollywood
by Supriya Kelkar. This cover is so beautifully-vibrant! 😍 That Thing About Bollywood does seem a very cute story -- with a touch of mystery and magic. | Amazon
Amina's Song by Hena Khan. I read the first book, Amina's Voice, last year, and it shared such a strong message about the importance of friendship, family, and community. Amina's Song sounds as powerful as Amina's Voice. | Amazon
Bridge of Souls by Victoria Schwab. Do you truly need me to explain why Bridge of Souls made my list? I mean, I thought that by now you already knew of my love for everything Schwab writes. | Amazon
The Verdigris Pawn
by Alysa Wishingrad. For some odd reason, everything about The Verdigris Pawn (how do you read "verdigris?" πŸ€”) screams old time fairytales/fantasy adventures. And, of course, I love it. | Amazon

Thanks a Lot, Universe by Chad Lucas. There is so much about Thanks a Lot, Universe that caught my attention: it's a story about mental health, finding who you are, and first crushes. | Amazon

The Last Shadow Warrior by Sam Subity. I think I might enjoy mythology a little bit too much. πŸ˜… The Last Shadow Warrior is a middle grade adventure inspired by Norse mythology -- and it has been a while since I read a book about Norse mythology. | Amazon
Ophie's Ghosts by Justina Ireland. Ghosts, ghosts, and more ghosts. πŸ‘» Have I ever told you that I adore ghost stories? I cannot wait to unfold the secrets of Daffodil Manor in Ophie's Ghosts. | Amazon
Ghost Girl by Ally Malinenko. Spooky cover! 😍 Ghost Girl is another ghost story -- and like me, Zee Puckett, the protagonist, loves ghost stories.

Red, White, and Whole by Rajani LaRocca. I first saw Red, White, and Whole on Twitter a very long time ago -- instantly knew I had t read it. I might be wrong, but this middle grade novel will most certainly shatter me. | Amazon

Breathing Underwater by Sarah Allen. I can't resist to a tale about sisterly love (don't you get tired of all those stories about sibling rivalry?) and that focus on mental health -- the more we talk about depression, the sooner it will be normalized. | Amazon

Help! I will be kicked out of Amazon's affiliate program very soon due to lack of sales. If my gushing made you fall in love with any of these books, and you wish to buy them, please, click on the links. THANK YOU! πŸ’›
Do you enjoy middle grade adventures? What are your favourite middle grade novels? Are you excited about any of the books I mentioned?

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  1. I love all these covers so much!!! That Thing About Bollywood and The Magical Imperfect are two on my radar, but honestly, they all sound so wonderful.

  2. Bridge of Souls was on my list this week too! I don't tend to read middle grade books all that much these days, I feel like I've outgrown them, but I love Schwab so I'll read anything she writes.
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2021/01/05/top-ten-tuesday-297/

  3. Oh wow. Thank you so much for including BW on this list and I can't wait to read all of these!!

  4. We're practically being spoiled with all the great middle grade coming out this year. I think this is the first time I'm hearing about Breathing Underwater, but it sounds exactly like the kind of book I'm looking for. Thanks for putting it on my radar!

  5. Why are middle grade covers always so pretty??? The Last Shadow Warrior and Ghost Girl both sound amazing!

  6. I really want to check out Cece Rios. I hope you get a chance to read all these!

  7. I have some of these on my list too!! I really love MG books, and I want to read more this year.


  8. So many great middle grade books coming out this year. My son is in that age group so I'll have to get some of these for him. :)

  9. Middle Grade books are fun, aren't they? I'll have to add The Magical Imperfect by Chris Baron to my list of books to read. (Your blog is beautiful, btw! 🀩)

  10. These all look so lovely! I definitely need to get to Ophie's Ghost, and CeCe Rios and Breathing Underwater also sound great! Honestly I need to add ALL of these to my kids' libraries I think!

  11. I've been in the mood for some Middle Grade, so that's great timing with you sharing these. I'll look some of them up. They all have such pretty covers too! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I haven't heard of a few of these. The Magical Imperfect sounds up my alley. I love reading books that feature different perspectives than my own. I'm looking forward to reading That Thing About Bollywood. I 'm curious about The Last Shadow Warrior & Cece Rios and the Desert of Souls. I'm currently reading a middle grade book called The Girl and the Ghost which features a Malaysian mythology from what I can tell. Interesting so far although a bit sad.

  13. Oh, wow -- I just want all of these! So many amazing books on this list. That Thing About Bollywood sounds especially cute.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  14. I haven't heard of any of these! I hope you enjoy them and I'll check out a few to see if they're for me! I love the covers for: The Verdigris Pawn, The Thing About Bollywood, Ghost Girl and Bridge of Souls. :)