Thursday, 10 August 2017


These last months I've been an awful rep for Blaze Publishing because uni took all my time (they will be slimming down their reps in a few days and I probably won't make it). However, today in this post, I'll be making an update on the latests news and releases (and future releases) of Blaze Publishing.

The Unseen by Jacob Devlin (released on 9th May)

The sequel of The Carver, a novel based on Wonderland, was released last May. Here it is a sneak peek:
"A misty shadow materialized in front of Crescenzo, and when the full body appeared, Crescenzo had to squint to be sure he perceived it correctly. It had the right shape and height, the right spiky hair, but everything else was wrong: a foggy black shape clad in leather that seemed to be evaporating without really disappearing. Crescenzo’s blood went ice cold."
And another because I know one is not enough:
"Slowly, Madame Esme forced herself to turn around and confront the woman. “Avoria,” she whispered.
“Is that how you address a queen?” Avoria droned. “Really, Esmeralda, I’d assumed better of you."
Paintbrush by Hannah Bucchin (released on 11th July)

I think you should read this interview with the Bucchin - Book Release Day Special: Interview with Debut Author, Hannah Bucchin. It is a really interesting interview. Also, here is it a sneak peak of the book:
"She breezes past me, striding up the rocky mountain path at a surprisingly fast pace. “You can’t lie to me, Mitchell Morrison. I know you too well.” I quicken my pace to match hers, following her dark bobbing ponytail up the mountain, and it occurs to me that she might be right."
The Underground by Case Maynard (to be published on 12th September 2017)

This novel is the sequel of The Surrender - if you have not read it yet, you should. I'll be joining the Read Along run by Blaze Publishing in September. And, here it is afew more sneak peaks because I know how important they are for a bookworm:
"They’ve been quick to tell me the deaths of John William, Ann, and Ramsey were not my fault. But I know better. My running from the Mills cost our friends their lives, and my heart is certain of it."

"Oliver’s eyes are full of some emotion I can’t quite place as he watches me. We both nearly died fighting for our freedom in the southeast. Can we do it and succeed again? Fate may not like being tested repeatedly."
Shadow Rising by Audrey Grey (to be published on 14th November 2017)

You can see here the cover reveal of the sequel of Shadow Fall. These novels have some of the most beautiful covers I've ever seen (and you all know how much I love a pretty cover).

Of Silver and Stars by T. A. Chan (to be published on 16th October 2018)

I'm very excited for this book. The cover is yet to be released but as a Rep I received a little sneak peak and I can tell you that the colours scheme is gorgeous. 
Running Giveaways

To celebrate the release of The Underground, Blaze Publishing is giving away Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa. You can enter to win here. Don't forget to tell your friends since the more your friends enter, the more entries you get.

I think this is all for now. Have a great Thursday bookdragons! 😄

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