Monday, 7 August 2017


The Reading Quest is a reading challenge hosted by @Read at Midnight and it will take place between Sunday 13th August to Sunday 10th September, 2017.
"The basic mechanics of the reading challenge is simple: it’s based on a bingo board (termed The Quest Board for our purposes), each square on the board represents a stage (or reading prompt) you must complete. There is one crucial variation, the path you take on the bingo board is entirely dependent on your chosen Character Class. For the Character Class selection, you have the following 4 Options: Knight, Bard, Rogue and Mage. All characters will start off with 10 Experience Points (EXP)."
For my first quest, I decided to choose the Mage. I'm not sure if I will be able to do the other quests, but with the Mage I'll be able to tackle down my ever-growing TBR pile.
"MAGE: As wielders of spells and witchcraft, these players will conjure and summon their way through the First Down path on the quest. Their tomes contain magic and whispers of alternate lands."
Character Art created by CW @Read, Think, Ponde
How to Increase Experience/Health Points

For each finished book: +10 EXP
For each finished graphic novel/manga: +5 EXP
Books written by a marginalised author: +20 EXP
For finishing quest: +50 EXP
For every additional quest: +30 EXP

Level up: Every +50 EXP.

Every 10 pages +1 HP
Tweeting #TheReadingQuest: +1 HP (max. +20)
Photos #TheReadingQuest: +1 HP (max. +20)

Books I'm Planning to Read:

A book with a one world title: Starflight
A book that contains magic: The Bone Witch
A book based on mythology: Flame in the Mist
A book set in a different world: Empress of a Thousand Skies
The first book of a series: Broken Sky

Multiplayer, buddy read a book: The Surrendered


EXP: +120 EXP
HP: +222 HP
Level: 3

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