My Bookish Life. Bookish Pet Peeves

Friday, 8 December 2017

As someone who has a little bit (or maybe not such a little bit) of OCD, my books are my precious. They must be perfect in every way! However, publishers and online bookshops, such as Book Depository, sometimes, seem to be conspiring against me. Thus, today, I decided to share with you some of my Book Pet Peeves. Ps. If you do any of the things mentioned below, I promise I won't judge you...much.

1. Same edition, different sizes. It's so freaking annoying! Someone needs to tell the printers that books that belong to the same edition should always have the same size. Even if it's only a few inches of difference, I'll notice it when I place them side by side on my bookshelf. However, I did find a solution (and it wasn't a threatening letter to the printers or publishers or a book buying strike until they listened to me because it would never work since publishers never listen to the readers): RAINBOW BOOKSHELVES. Organizing my books by colour means that I won't see the difference. And, my OCD doesn't annoy me so much because the book shelf looks so pretty.

2. Cover changes while the series is still being published. This annoys not only me, but my bank account. Publishers should not change a book series cover design while it still is being published! Since I want (I don't want to, I need to) all my book to look the same, it means I'll have to buy the new covers and go bankrupt... This is a really good scheme for publishers to win some extra money with OCD bookworms.

3. Damaged corners and bent covers. Dear people who prepare the books to be shipped, be more careful when you pack them. I don't like my books to arrive at my door with damaged corners and bent covers because you were too lazy to place them inside a box with all the care and love they deserved.

Yes, I may have sent a complain or two already because my books arrived damaged - and dirty (I still need to figure out how they got dirty). The company was nice enough to send me a new copy. So, all ended up well. 😁

4. Broken spines. When I was younger and my OCD was not in such a full mode, I didn't care about broken spines (I feel so bad for my poor Harry Potter collection). A reader had to do what he/she had to do to read and if that meant to fully open a book without caring about the spine, so be it. Nowadays, you will find me weirdly reading (I will barely open a paperback) to make sure no spine is broken. Or you probably will me find reading e-books because those can't be damaged. I think.

5. Dog Ears. Can you use bookmarks, please? They were invited to mark the page you are reading without folding it.

If you don't have a bookmark, you can use clothing tags or train/bus/subway tickets or even a freaking pencil. If I told you every item I've used as a bookmark, you'd think I was crazy - well, you probably already think after reading this article, so here it goes:
  • Clothing tags (I've a huge collection, so I decided to start using them as bookmarks);
  • Train ticket (it seems I always forget to bring a bookmark when I travel by train);
  • Pencil, eraser, pens, post-it notes, etc. Stationary always works;
  • My iPhone;
  • My cat's tail (don't ask).
6. Highlight quotes with highlighters. Or pens. Or with anything permanent. There are other ways to "mark" our favourite quotes. It's true that for university, I do have to write down notes on my books - most people don't understand how painful it is for me. But, at least, they are my uni books and not An Ember in the Ashes or This Savage Song. Nevertheless, just any permanent little scratch is enough to freak me out.

Do you have any book pet peeves?


  1. 🤦Basically everything on this list! Lol😂When I was younger, I truly didn't appropriate my books! I cringe just thinking about it. 😣 I love your solution for the different edition sizes tho!😉 Good thinking lol.
    Have a great weekend, happy reading! Xoxo

    1. Every time I think how I treated my books when I was younger, I just want to smack myself. I can't believe how careless I was. Thank you and wishes of a great week.

      Happy readings Helena. ;)

  2. I don't read a lot of physical books, and the reason, I guess, is a pet peeve. Many of the books use serif fonts, small fonts, and leave very little white space. I am older, so small fonts are the death of me. I also have MGD (dry eye), and the eye fatigue is severe when I read small fonts with no white space.

    1. I really don't like small fonts. I wear glasses and small fonts with no white space are very unhelpful. Publishers should pay more attention to it.

      Happy readings Sam! ;)

  3. Hahah, number 1 doesn't even appli to me cause I barely have any print books :D #internationalwoes

    But cover changes... Yes, even if I don't own them... I just don't get them!

    As for broken spines... Some books are pretty much set up for broken spines! They just won't open, and when they do, they break. Grah.

    And don't get me started about dog ears :D why would people do that to a book?? ;_; and highlighting! That too!

    1. The few physical books I decide to buy or they have different sizes (and they are from the same publisher!) or the covers change middle publication. It makes me so angry!!!

      That's so true! Some books you can't read them without breaking the spine. Just a few months I was reading Moon Palace and it ended up with a broken spine (I still feel bad about it) because I had to open it wide to read.

      Dog ears and highlighting are just a blasphemy.

      Happy readings Evelina! ;)

  4. Damaged corners and bent covers are by far my biggest book pet peeve. I swear every time I order something from amazon the corners are always roughed up, and like, seriously how hard is to package a book without damaging it? Of course, my parents don't understand. My mom is always saying "well it's still readable" lol Dog ears also bother me. I always try to find a bookmark before ever dog earing one of my pages. Great post! :)

    1. I hate damaged corners and bent covers so much! >=(

      It's true that the books are still readable, but it's not the same thing. They just don't look perfect any more -and, if you are like me, all the time that I'm reading a damaged book, I'll take a few glances at the corners and curse whoever packed it.

      Happy readings! ;)

  5. Oh my god YES to all of these!! It drives me mad when a book I ordered arrives damaged!

    1. I wish people would be more careful when packing books.