Saturday, 9 December 2017

The #ReadersCrossing is a reading challenge hosted by @Read at Midnight and it will take place between Sunday 10th December to Sunday 31st December, 2017.
The holiday season is almost upon us, and around here that means another reading challenge! In keeping with tradition, this one is themed around my latest obsession: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. You’ll be reading books, completing tasks, making friends, and be surrounded by adorable animals – just like the game itself.
Similar to #TheReadingQuest which I hosted earlier on this year, the challenge is based on a bingo board. You can either follow a specific path which is based on the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp themes of Cute, Cool, Natural, and Sporty. Alternatively, you can do the challenges in whatever order you wish."
For my first path, I decided to choose the Natural. I'm not sure if I will be able to do the other paths, but with the Natural I'll be able to tackle down my ever-growing TBR pile.
"NATURAL – Five Across: Get in touch with nature with  books set in the wilderness, filled with animals, or your favourite classics, with this particular path."

How to Increase ExperiencePoints

For each finished book: +2 EXP
For each finished graphic novel/manga: +1 EXP
#OwnVoices novels: +3 EXP
Tweeting #ReadersCrossing: +1 EXP
Photos #ReadersCrossing: +1 EXP
  Level up: Every +10 EXP.

Books I'm Planning to Read:

A book set in my country:
A book that has a yellow cover: 
A book that is a classic:
A book with an animal on the cover:
A book set in the wilderness:

Seasonally inspired:
Insect on the cover:
Fruit in the title:
Free space: A Madness so Discreet
Read a book in 24 hours:
Read a book picked by a friend from your TBR:
Set at seas/beach:
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  1. The graphics for this challenge are ah-mazing. I used to play a LOT of Animal Crossing back in the day. This is making me want to find my DS again.

    1. Aentee's design skills are indeed ah-mazing. I confess that I never played Animal Crossing, but I think I may have to take a look a it since people who play(ed) always say great things about it.