Sunday Post. A Not Very Exciting Week

Sunday, 5 August 2018

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Hey! How is everyone doing? I know, I know... I have been missing in action again (believe me or not I've so many blog post saved to read and drop a lovely comment). I'm alive - well, I'm barely alive because a heat wave is trying to make me melt.

What happened in my life these last weeks:

๐ŸŒปThis week has been so hot that I just can't do anything. I haven't worked on my thesis (too hot to think), I'm always feeling exhausted and it pains me to see my cats lying on the floor because of the heat. It hasn't been a productive week - or even a good mental weak.
๐ŸŒป Talking about cats: Luna is doing better (I don't want to talk much about her not to jinx it, but I had to give an update because of all those wonderful people who sent her best wishes ๐Ÿ’›).
๐ŸŒป Bargain Time! Amazon shipping costs can be expensive (at least for me since my country does not have Amazon), but this week I was able to order three books for twenty euros (shipping included). I got myself the new paperback edition of A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir (when I ordered this book, it was only two pounds) and two other books that I'm dying to show you (one of them was also only two pounds).
๐ŸŒปMy life hasn't been very exciting...

  • I was part of the cover reveal of Sugar Spells by Lola Dodge, which was hosted by Xpresso Book Tours. I read Deadly Sweet (review) a few months ago and one thing I can tell you: this series has super cute and yummy covers. ๐ŸŽ‚
  • I shared my review of The Demon Race by Alexandria Warwick (it comes next month). If you like Hidalgo or The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater, you should give it an opportunity. I also reviewed The Forest Queen by Betsy Cornwell - I shared it on Goodreads. Sadly it didn't live up to the premise. 

I bought The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry and The Power by Naomi Alderman in July (I apologize for my neurones, they just aren't working perfectly because I'm too tired and I can't remember exactly when I got these). This is an attempt to diversify my readings. Have you read any of these? 

Is it weird that I haven't felt like requesting anything from NetGalley for a long time? Okay, some books do catch my attention (but I can only wish for them). I keep searching and searching but nothing appeals to me. ๐Ÿ˜ข At least, it gives me a chance to go through my TBR pile.

Wishing everyone a happy bookish week.


  1. Glad to hear Luna is feeling better, but I am sorry to hear you are all too hot to do much. It's been a brutal summer here, but we have central air conditioning just about every place. Yeah! It's always fun to get new books. I hope you enjoy them all. If it makes you feel any better, all my most wanted books are wish only for me too on NG. I watch them though, and request as soon as they open for request. I have gotten lucky that way.

  2. Hot weather is the worst for motivation. All you want to do is lie around and do very little. Not the best when you're working on a thesis. And yay for Luna! I won't say to much (no one can jinx anything) but I'm sending positive vibes for you all the same.

  3. Cool Amazon deal. I love when they do a buy 3 get on free. But they haven't done that in forever. I am sending positive vibes for the cat. All the best and happy reading!

    Mary Sunday Roundup #30!

  4. The weather has been abnormally hot. :(
    My poor kitties aren't doing well in the heat either. One is long haired and she's particularly affected.
    Speedy healing to your Luna!

  5. Sorry about the heat. It’s been stupidly hot here, too. I’m glad Luna is better. Enjoy your new books. Both of those are on my TBR list. Have a great week!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  6. Hot weather leaves me so unmotivated too. I hope it gets cooler there so that you can better focus on your thesis.

  7. Ugh it's been SO hot here as well, and worse... it's been humid. It's so gross!

  8. I take it you do not have air conditioning. Glad to hear Luna is feeling better. I do hope this week was cooler for you.

  9. Summer is definitely the time I am more lazy than usual too but it's so hot that who wants to even move? No air conditioning here too!

    Have a great week!