31 January 2021

Monthly Recap. January

Goodbye, January! πŸ₯³  January was a month filled with plans (so many to-do lists), but then something happened (you can read all about it below). I do have some very bad luck -- I've been wondering about who has jinxed me when I was born?! Anyway, I really hope February will be a better month and something good comes this way.

What I've been up since in January:

🌻 I tested positive for Covid -- I'm part of that lucky bunch that caught it without leaving home because I live with people who were not working from home and had to deal with irresponsible co-workers who go to work with symptoms (coughing and fever doesn't always have to be the first symptoms). Ps. We have a good health care system, so that person could have missed working days. As a matter of fact, you received your full-salary while you are in quarantine.
🌻 Remember me telling you about my first international conference of the year? I presented my paper, but I did it while experiencing some Covid symptoms. It was not easy...
🌻 Due to getting sick, all my plans for January were put on hold. I'm dying to share with you all the books coming out in 2021 that I can't wait to read.
🌻 Which also means I'm still very much broke. If you wish to help this PhD student to keep working on her thesis through these dark times, you can do it by using her Scrib referral link. Not having to spend one hundred euros on academic anthology does help a lot.
🌻 I received my teaching certificate! πŸ₯³ Now waiting for an opportunity to give it good use.
🌻 I read five books this month. I'm hoping to finish another book before the day ends.

I bought Winter by Marissa Meyer back in December (it was a Christmas present). Due to Covid and Brexit, the book only arrived at my mailbox this month. I already read it, loved it, and will without a doubt mention The Lunar Chronicles on my thesis.
How was your January? Were you also jinxed when you were born?

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  1. Congrats on the teaching certificate, but sorry about COVID. It sucks that people are so irresponsible. I hope you feel better soon. Have a good February.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. Whoo hoo! Congratulations on getting your teaching certificate. I hope your COVID symptoms weren't too bad, and that you are on the mend. Covid is so tough, because you ranged from no symptoms to a myriad of symptoms that mimic colds and allergies. Sorry it got it you.

  3. So sad to hear that you caught COVID, without leaving the house. I hear about a lot of people that get it, because others aren't responsible enough.

    I LOVE the Lunar Chronicles series! Have a great February :)

  4. I hope your covid experience wasn't awful. Congrats on getting your teaching certificate. Hope February is a better month. x

  5. Sorry to hear you caught covid but I hope you're through the worst of it now?
    Congrats on the teaching certificate!
    I still have the Lunar Chronicles to read... I tried to pick them up last year but wasn't in the headspace. Maybe this year!

  6. I hope you're feeling better, sounds like a rough month. Congratulations on your teaching certificate! What grade(s) would you like to teach?

  7. Congrats on your teaching certificate! Yes I was jinxed at birth, thanks for asking! I inherited a deleterious BRCA mutation. So yup I'm a jinxed genetic mutant!